RIP Donald Whyte

I just learned that Donald Whyte passed away on 23 April 2010 in Scotland. When I began research on my Scottish Stuart ancestry I found many of his books. Yes, there was info on my family. Years later, I used his compilations to help clients, especially one whose Scottish ancestors immigrated to Canada.

I found my family in his Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA (pre 1855) and corresponded with him about the source of the information. If you go to and type in Donald Whyte you can see page after page of genealogical publications that he authored.

An extensive obituary for him can be found in the under the date of 3 May 2010. The first paragraph states: “His fascination with family and Scottish history sparked a lifelong interest in his craft and left an extraordinary legacy for genealogists and those researching their family history worldwide.” Oh, do I ever agree with this.

I was astounded at all this man accomplished before the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease slowed him down. His contributions to genealogy in Scotland and throughout the world adds to my pride of my Scottish heritage.

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