Scotland: Three public record keeping entities might merge

Three entities that are charged with keeping public records in Scotland are being asked to merge. This includes “the General Register Office for Scotland, National Archives of Scotland and Registers of Scotland.”

This is being suggested as a cost savings measure. “The General Registry Office is responsible for births, deaths and marriages as well as historic census data , making its ScotlandsPeople website an asset during the genealogy boom. The National Archives gather historical documents, while the Registers of Scotland compile property and other legal documents.”

Read the full story in today’s Herald Scotland online. It will be interesting to see if and how this comes to fruition. When I win the lottery (if I ever remember to purchase a ticket) you will find me researching on-site in Scotland and visiting all the places my frequent moving ancestors resided. Among the places my Stuart, Grant, Edwards, Allardyce, and other forebears lived are Strathdon, Arbroath, Farnell, Kinnell, Lunan, and Brechin.
Then the descendants arrived in New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and one branch backtracked to Vermont.

General Register Office:
National Archives of Scotland:
Registers of Scotland:

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