Your Anytime Library: Success in the Virtual Stacks

This is one of the lectures I will be presenting on Saturday, April 2, at the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference. I have been working on the PowerPoint presentation off and on over the last few months and finally realized that I am spending more time browsing through the websites and finding things for myself and clients than putting together the presentation. The lectures mainly focuses on websites with digitized books but I am also covering (just a bit) digitized documents, newspapers, indexes, and other items.

So tonight I have been trying to keep myself on track. I found some terrific images for the PowerPoint and even found a few websites with digitized materials that I didn’t know about before.

Every time I do some online browsing I see that this lecture will be one that has significant changes each time I update it before a presentation. And yes, it will be accompanied by syllabus material that contains a plethora of URLs. I find that the syllabus material I compile for my lectures become a great finding aid for me. Added to that is the syllabus material of all the other speakers at events. It’s been a fun lecture to assemble. The technology that enables so much to be digitized and/or searchable or indexed is exciting.

Additional note: I have to give my colleague Debbie Miezala, CG, the credit for the title. We were brainstorming and she came up with the title. 

If you want to learn more about this year’s March 31-April 2 OGS Conference click here.

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