Several colleagues have suggested I add myself to the SpeakerWiki. I always have a difficult time with self-promotion but I just placed my information on the Wiki. I love sharing my knowledge with others and meeting the attendees at my presentations is a plus. 

If you have heard me lecture, have worked with me in your job as a program planner, or have read my articles, please share a review on the website: http://speakerwiki.org/speakers/Paula_Stuart-Warren.


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  1. I just started watching your “Niche Planning and Marketing” and had to laugh as you described the photo you found as “desolate, not exciting, abandoned, forlorn.” etc. That picture is very familiar to me..it may seem not exciting to you, but it is in Yellowstone and the planked path goes by springs and very pretty pools of water. What may look desolate on the surface in this picture is very deceptive…that could be a good analogy for family history too. 🙂

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