My clone has not arrived: genealogy in high gear

Spring is always a busy time of the year. I didn’t help that by doing something to my left knee at at Minnesota Twins game on Easter Sunday. Didn’t break it but it decided to give out under me as I was walking down steps. Really quite comical but the pain wasn’t too funny. My oldest son and granddaughter had to come and pick me up since I could not walk, drop me at the emergency clinic, and leave for the airport to pick up their German exchange student. First time in my life I had to use crutches and was so thankful for them. Have now progressed to a cane, physical therapy, and am finally back to a somewhat normal schedule. That schedule has included several local area lectures and I have been getting ready for my May presentations.

May 7th: Austin [Texas] Genealogical Society Mini-Seminar. Click here for registration details.

  • Railroad Records and Railroad History: Methods for Tracking [yes, the pun is intended!]
  • Tho’ They Were Poor, They May Have Been Rich in Records
  • A Baker’s Dozen: Simple Ways to Write Your Family History 

May 7th, Federation of Genealogical Societies BlogTalk Radio “MySociety. at 1:00 p.m. CDT you can listen free on your computer to my fellow FGS board member Randy Whited and me discuss what it takes to put on a one day event, invite a speaker and discuss it from a speaker’s view in terms of booking, contract, travel, presenting etc. This weekly show is available by clicking here and then on the BlogTalk Radio logo or the term FGS Radio in the left hand column. Also watch the FGS website and the Facebook page and other social media for future topics and access to archived episodes.

May 11-14th: National Genealogical Society Family History Conference, Charleston, South Carolina. Click here for the full program and other details. I will be doing these presentations:

  • Friday, May 13th, 2:30: Southern Deeds: More than Land
  • Saturday, May 14th, all day: Genealogy 101, Getting Started with Family History. I am presenting this day-long workshop with co-presenter D. Joshua Taylor. This has a separate extended handout and other neat info.

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6 comments on “My clone has not arrived: genealogy in high gear

  1. Sorry to hear about the knee. I am experiencing the problem with my left knee also. It has always been my good knee. I can only imagine how awful it was to have your knee go out at a game. Hope you are mending well.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    As of now the only seminar I have booked for California in the next year is the California African American Society event February 18, 2011 and none of my railroad talks are a chosen topic. I do have a couple seminar open dates this coming fall and more in 2011 if you know of an interested genealogical Society.

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