The end of the WDYTYA? season

What a season even though I am bummed that it’s over. Who Do You Think You Are? was great in its inaugural season last year but 2011 was tons better. Gone were the constant recaps of what had just been said. The 2011 content flowed better and showed more details and techniques. Not bad for a one hour mainstream television show.

I now need a new activity for Friday nights. Can you have withdrawal symptoms from not having a certain TV show to watch?

I saw several great researchers that I know on this years shows. That seems to add more impact for me. Those folks included Natalie Cottrill, Mark Lowe and Josh Taylor. We also need to thank and other advertisers for enabling the broadcast of these shows. Lisa Kudrow and ShedMedia deserve a round of applause, too.

Watch for a future blog post about upcoming events at which Mark and Josh can be seen live!

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