Update on Railroad Retirement Board records

I emailed the National Archives Southeast Region in regard to access to the Railroad Retirement Board records mentioned in my earlier post and received this almost immediate reply:

“This is in reply to your inquiry regarding researching the records of the Railroad Retirement Board in person at the National Archives at Atlanta.  The simple answer is Yes.  However, we will need to screen the records first to make sure we do not release any personal information about living retirees or their dependents named in the files.  This screening can usually done in about 20 minutes.  It is best to notify us ahead of time so we can first, locate the file, and second, have it screened before arrival.  If we receive ‘drop-ins’ we do a quick
screening while the patron waits.

Thank you for inquiring about these records.  We have 54,000 cubic feet of these records equating to about 1.5 million files.  We are anxious to see them used.”

Thank you Rob Richards, Director of Archival Operations at NARA Atlanta!

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