Hastings, Nebraska psychiatric hospital burials

The Adams County [Nebraska] Historical Society has posted the names of 957 people buried in a former psychiatric hospital cemetery in Hastings, Nebraska. The burials cover 1889 to 1957. It was a state funded institution and researchers can expect to find that the individuals were sent to Hastings from all over Nebraska. This site also has some history of the institution.

In order to obtain this information, the historical society had to battle for in in a court battle. Congratulations to the society for undertaking this important task.

To check the list click here. This site also has some history of the institution

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1 comments on “Hastings, Nebraska psychiatric hospital burials

  1. I love your listing! I hope it helps some families.
    I am searching for Kummetz families in Nebraska.

    You can find me on many lists as mdaberk@lps.org or mdaberk71@gmail.com

    I have a lost great grandmother that I am always hunting for.
    What are your rates for searching…I have been to the NE historical society…etc. and can find nothing, but may be not equiped to search the right places.
    Michelle, Art Teacher in Lincoln, NE

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