New adoptees support service in Minnesota

The Minneapolis StarTribune carried a story today about adult adoptees and a new support service: “Adoptees Have Answers opened last year to offer services for and about adult adoptees, including support groups, public events and webinars.”

Quoting from the article: The group aims to support adoptees but also to promote a better understanding of what it’s like to be adopted. The hope is that parents, social workers, adoption professionals, therapists and lawmakers will be listening. “We believe there is a basic underlying situation, when a child and her original mother are separated, that has lifelong consequences,” said Kate Maloney, manager of Adoptees Have Answers. “We need to be really, really sensitive to those lifelong issues.”

Services and support aside, it’s still a struggle for adult adoptees to find out more about their birth families and it’s costly as the article alludes to. Costly to learn about themselves. Still this way in 2011. Sad.

Click here to read the full story.

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