4 comments on “140th Anniversary of the 1871 Chicago Fire

  1. Julia Lemoss is my Husbands 3rd great grandmother and the baby left at the station is Adaline his 2nd great grandmother. What a great find to locate her painting and oral interview of the Chicago Fire in the Chicago Historial Musums web site
    Thank you
    Laura Hair Duffy

  2. Since I am from Wisconsin I have to point out that it is also the 140th anniversary of the Peshtigo Fire, which was an even greater calamity.

    My wife (a Chicago native) and I took our children and visited Peshtigo and various sites related to the fire and read from various accounts of the human drama and tragedy that took place that long ago October. It was a history lesson they will long remember.

    A couple websites on the fire are:

    The Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871.

    Reverend Peter Pernin’s eyewitness account.

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