Need a speaker for a seminar or other event?

I am updating my 2012 and 2013 speaking calendar and have some dates available that might fit with your organization’s needs. If you are looking for a speaker, just email me with the name and location of your organization and the date or dates you are thinking about. I have spoken at events of historical, genealogical, church, civic, fraternal, and other types of organizations. Occasionally I am available on short notice.

I will let you know if those dates are open on my speaking calendar and will send you my biographical and experience resume, an extensive list of the lectures I could present, capsule descriptions of the lectures, and the details on costs and arrangements. Once we have agreed on the date, I will send my standard contract so that we both know that the date is reserved for your group once that is signed and the advertising can begin. I am also willing to assist with publicizing your event. Some of my upcoming events are listed in the right-hand column of this blog. A few events do not get listed as they are not open to the general public. I am also willing to work with organizations that may want to hire me for more than one event and share the expenses.

When I am hired for an event, I am yours! That means I am available all that day to interact with your registrants. Whether it’s a one day or multi-day event, the people in attendance are an important part of the experience. I truly enjoy that interaction and find that it adds to the success of the event. I am also willing to have dinner with whatever group of area genealogists or your society’s board members on Friday and/or Saturday evening.

My presentations are delivered with a dash of humor where appropriate and with the passion about family history that I am known for. I aim to help the audience become focused, motivated, careful, and excited researchers. My presentations open up new research possibilities and further expand knowledge about what they may currently know. I work diligently to stay up-to-date and to make sure the lecture, visuals, and handout material are informative, clear, and most of all provide the steps needed to further research. My presentation visuals are done in PowerPoint.

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