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The Newberry library debuted its new website look last week. It has a nice clean look and is filled with collection details, finding aids, catalog, visitor information, and much more. If you have never researched there, add it to your bucket list.

I have researched in manuscripts, photographs, maps, and books at Newberry. Their American Indian and railroad materials are superb. They cover far beyond the city and state where this private but very large library is located. A few years ago I was one of the lecturers during a day devoted to railroads. It was wonderful to
tell the audience about a great set of records that were in the very library where we were meeting. I have researched ancestors from the city and from other geographic areas on different trips to Newberry.

Walk a few blocks away and you have great restaurants and a bit further for a wonderful shopping experience.

If you don’t know about this fabulous library, are you wondering where it is located? It’s in Chicago. That’s one of my pet peeves with many websites of repositories and newspapers too. The location is a bit buried on the website. A great picture of the Newberry’s main entrance is on that page. It’s a place to go for research just because of the building itself!

Newberry has a new Genealogy Blog. Bookmark this link so that you don’t have to search for the link on the website. Their News category will help keep you up-to-date on events and collection news.

Maybe someday the location of The Newberry will appear somewhere on the main page of their website.

Update! Yesterday, November 9th, I noticed that this has been added to the top of Newberry main page:  “Chicago’s Independent Research Library Since 1887.” In my mind, that completes the page.

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