Hennepin County, Minnesota new consolidated Records Center

I love progress! The Hennepin County (Minnesota) government is finally announcing the consolidation of court cases. A plus is that records once stored offsite will be more readily available once the project is finished.

“The new Records Center allows citizens to look up records from various cases in one place, ranging from civil and conciliation to criminal, housing and probate/mental health. The center is located in the B Vault in the lower level of the Hennepin County Government Center, 300 S. 6th St., in Minneapolis.”
“Hennepin County is still in the process of digitizing the equivalent of 180 semitrailer truck loads of record accumulated over 130 years.”
Read the full StarTribune article here
Learn more about hours, access and pricing (gulp!) here. 
Don’t forget to check FamilySearch.org (FamilySearch catalog) and the Minnesota Historical Society catalog for some Hennepin County records.

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3 comments on “Hennepin County, Minnesota new consolidated Records Center

  1. Kerry, it should include the divorces since they are a district court civil record. No online indexes were mentioned. I think we will hear more over the next few weeks. Wish I had time to investigate but there’s this conference looming!

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