Your story could be on Genealogy Roadshow!

I hope you have watched the first three episodes of Genealogy Roadshow that have been on PBS. The fourth show is this Monday evening, October 14. It’s been an interesting series. Of course, it’s not directed at any of us who are truly experienced researchers but it does feature interesting stories and people. Hundreds of research hours happened behind the scenes to prove or disprove the stories handed down in families. I hope that viewers not previously bitten by the genealogy bug are thinking about their own family details and about possible research. It’s like Antiques Roadshow in that it has short sequences that give an overview of the story and research result. Our family stories may not end up being worth thousands of dollars like some of the antiques, but are probably more valuable in our hearts.

Maybe your own family story would be of interest to the producers as they work on a second season? Now’s the time to submit it. 

Click here to access the submission form. The website states “the Expert genealogists will uncover rich and surprising history about the people and places that make up our incredibly diverse and fascinating country.”

I have to admit I have enjoyed seeing my friends Josh and Kenyatta as the hosts and have recognized several colleagues in the audiences.

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