4 busy months of genealogical education for me

I just updated my large wall calendar that I see each time I walk into my office. I have a busy next four months. I hope you will be able to join me at one or more of these places where I will be lecturing. Be sure to click on the links for full details on the hotels, registration and all the presentations at each event.

  • June 6-8, Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree, Burbank, California. My presentations are: 
    • Manuscript Finding Aids: Locating Migrating Family Records
    • Research Reports for Ourselves: More than a Research Log
    • What Next? Hands-on Research Planning
  •  July 20-25, Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My presentations are in two of the courses:
    • Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper: (12 sessions)
    • Becoming an Online Expert: Mastering Search Engines and Digital Archives (2 sessions)
  •  August 3-8, GRIP on the Road in Orchard Lake, Michigan (suburban Detroit). My presentations are: 
    • Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper: (12 sessions) 
    • Bridging the Gap: New England to the Midwest, 1780-1840 (2 sessions)
  •  August 27-30, Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, San Antonio, Texas. My presentations are: 
    • The Dotted Line: Sign Before Other Steps
    • Volunteering from a Distance
    • Research Gems: Southern and Western Historical and Sociological Journals

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