New journal focuses on Midwestern history

About 27 years ago I discovered bound back issues of the Mississippi Valley Historical Review while browsing the stacks at the Macalester College library in St. Paul. I spent many hours reading through them. Then I reached a point where this publication became The Journal of American History and the focus changed to nationwide rather than the regional publication I had loved. There is nothing wrong with JAH but I still wanted something more closely aligned with the middle of the country that wasn’t directed only to one state. The original title existed from 1914-1964.

Fast forward fifty years to 2014 and a new publication of regional interest has emerged, Middle West
Review. The brand new journal’s inaugural edition is 180 pages long and has “eight peer-reviewed articles, 18 book reviews . . .” It focuses on the Midwest.

I haven’t yet seen the actual issue, but it’s on my “to do” list. The cost is $40 for this biannual journal. I learned about this journal in an article on the Minnesota Public Radio website.

For more information:,676024.aspx

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