All packed for the combined FGS and RootsTech conferences?

fgs_Logo_conf_v05Seasoned conference attendees have pretty much perfected their conference packing list. I want to share a few items that might not be on your list. Some apply to those traveling from a distance and others will also help those who live near Salt Lake City. The number of days till family historians convene at the Salt Palace Convention Center is going down quite fast!

  • a couple clothespins to keep hotel room drapes shut or to close a bag of snacks
  • snacks for between lectures
  • comfortable shoes (2 pair so one can rest for a day)
  • laundry bag
  • extra bag for purchases in the Expo Hall (if flying home, carry on your purchases, and put the dirty laundry in the extra bag
  • sweater or lightweight jacket in case a lecture hall is chilly
  • throat lozenges or hard candies in case you get a scratchy throat
  • chargers and a power strip for phones, tablets, and computers
  • account passwords
  • business cards so others can find you after the conference. Add the surnames you are searching
  • return address labels for door prize drawing tickets. I print my own and add email and phone
  • extra hand lotion and lip balm because the air is quite dry in Salt Lake City
  • hotel reservation confirmation
  • water bottle that doesn’t leak and that can be refilled during the week
  • don’t forget to bring any over the counter or prescription medications

Catch up on lots of sleep now so that you can last more hours during the conference week. You don’t want to miss a lecture or meeting a possible relative.

One more tip is to pick out a lecture or two that you might not think is related to your research. It might turn out to have some neat advice but at the very least, it will broaden your knowledge.

Don’t forget to print out syllabus pages for the sessions you plan to attend or have them downloaded on your preferred electronic device. It really helps to have this handy for each lecture you attend.

Have you registered for all the special events and luncheons? Visit to add these. Your tired feet will appreciate having a ticket for a luncheon rather than going elsewhere to find lunch amidst the business people and shoppers in Salt Lake City. I thank myself at every conference when I know I have a place to eat lunch. It’s also a great way to make new friends among those sitting at your luncheon table.

Not registered for the conferences yet? Oh my, don’t wait too long because I want to meet you in Salt Lake City in two weeks. Let’s compare ancestral localities and surnames.

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2 comments on “All packed for the combined FGS and RootsTech conferences?

  1. Great tips! I thought I knew everything since this will be my 4th. trip (I’m still a newbie). But, you reminded me of several things I almost forgot. One new thing I haven’t thought of – clothes pins! What a great idea. I always have bags of chips or even beef jerky in my room for snacks at night. Thanks, Paula!

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