The NEW Ancestry Academy has 15 educational courses!

Ancestry Academy has launched!

I am privileged to be among the first instructors for Ancestry Academy. Choose from 15 courses to enhance your genealogical education. This is just the beginning for this new venture of

These courses enable you to learn at your own pace. The sessions may be started, stopped, reviewed, and then do it all over until you have grabbed every detail. Many of the courses have additional information that is found when you begin a course. Look for a book symbol in the upper right hand corner and click on that for a handout, more examples, a timeline or whatever the instructor has provided.

I have a new respect for those who film TV or movies all the time. You are sailing along and feeling smug, then suddenly you trip over a word or your mouth is suddenly dry. It was hard but enjoyable work

Laura Prescott from Ancestry and the crew from Kaleidoscope Pictures were fantastic. Was I nervous for the all-day filming? A bit, but everyone put me at ease. The instructors don’t just show up and talk. The preparation, slides, text, handouts, and more take time before, during, and after the filming.

What’s this all about? Visit and see for yourself. More details will be released in a few days. It takes time to coordinate all the parts.

Can you tell I am excited about this?

p.s. I did the Native American course.

Update: Click here for the news release on the Ancestry Blog

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