Woman abandoned as baby finds 3 sisters. DNA solves the story.

Imagine the frustration of learning you were one of those foundlings left on a doorstep. You are adopted and live a good life. Through years of searching, asking questions, reading old newspapers, and never giving up the quest to find out about your birth parents, you enter our modern era of DNA testing. By testing her DNA via Ancestry.com and then 23andMe,.com a woman abandoned in 1961 here in St. Paul has found 3 sisters. I cried as I read her story.

Tammy Makram’s story is that of many, except that those not doing DNA testing are missing their connections. Read the story in today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press via Twin Cities.com

Have you tested your DNA yet? I highly recommend Ancesty.com, FamilyTreeDNA, and 23and me.

I did note the article states she used older newspapers on microfiche at the Minnesota Historical Society. The newspapers are on microfilm.

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