Doc Slaker was a real stud

It’s really not what you are thinking! My Great Grand Uncle Louis F. Slaker owned a English Setter named Doc Slaker. This dog was a real stud. It’s a true statement. I never met the man or his children or grandchildren, though I do have photographs. How do I know about the dog? Periodically, I do Google searches for some of my less common family surnames in case anything new shows up. A recent search turned up this information from a 1903 American Kennel Club volume.
Slaker Kennel Club

(from: American Kennel Club Stud Book, Volume 19, New York: American Kennel Club, 1903, page 815. Viewed on Google Books 15 November 2015.)

It’s interesting that it says St. Louis, Minn. for him. No such city name in Minnesota. There is a St. Louis County. Per city directories, he was living in St. Paul around that time. by the 1905 state census, he was in St. James, Watonwan County, Minnesota. Doc Slater had children, er offspring, er puppies that were listed in subsequent Kennel Club directories.

Don’t forget to do some general searches for your uncommon surnames. Maybe you will find some nice surprises, too.

Now, where might I find a picture of the studly Doc Slaker?


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