discount code for Thanksgiving

Have you been thinking about a subscription to Now’s the time! How about a special Thanksgiving gift to yourself or for a family member or friend?

From now through 30 November 2015 you can get the World subscription at at 75% discount. The special code to use when paying is THNKSGNG15.

To learn more about Findmypast:

  • Click on Search to see all the record categories and to search in a specific category. This includes records from many countries.
  • The category of Newspapers and Periodical is where you will find Irish, British, and U.S. newspapers plus the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI). Oh, the gems in past periodicals found via PERSI.
  • Investigate the News tab to find the blog, Expert Tips, and much more.

Interested? Here’s where you subscribe.

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