Ancestry Academy courses: expert info on timelines, pensions, Native Americans, and more

The number of course offerings at Ancestry Academy continues to grow.  The categories and how many courses in each are listed below.

  • Ancestry Products (14) Includes many areas of what Ancestry has to offer.
  • Records (14) Includes early censuses, military pension applications, and the 1940 census!
  • Methodology and Skills (8) Includes timelines obituaries, and resources in public libraries.
  • Localities and Ethnic Research (6) Includes African-American, French-Canadian, and my course “Native American Ancestry? Steps to Learn More.”
  • Coming Soon (8) These are in the final editing stages. One in this series that I filmed is “The Lure of the Train Whistle: Researching Railroad Workers.” It is accompanied by an extensive handout.

Each course can be viewed whenever you have time.  Need to stop for a bit? Do that and return to where you left off. Most courses have a great handout and a self-test at the end. The lineup of instructors includes knowledgeable people from the U. S. and Canada. View all the courses offered by clicking here.

The cost? Some are free. For others you can view as many as you wish in one month for just $11.99. Click here for other pricing plans.

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