My new Ancestry Academy course: Researching Railroad Workers

Railroad engineThe second Ancestry Academy course I taught is now live and ready for viewing. It is accompanied by an extensive handout. While viewing the Academy courses, you can start and stop at any time. The come back and it will be right where you left off.

This new one is The Lure of the Train Whistle: Researching Railroad Workers. If you have attended my regular railroad lectures at a seminar or conference, this one is largely different. Most of the examples and the brief case study are new to the course.

You do need to subscribe for a month, a year, or have the top Ancestry membership level to view it. It’s as low as $11.00 for one month and you can view as many as you wish in that month.

Check it out at

The other course I filmed is Native American Ancestry? Steps to Learn More. I enjoyed doing both of these and hope you enjoy learning from them.

The lineup of other courses and instructors for Ancestry Academy is impressive.


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2 comments on “My new Ancestry Academy course: Researching Railroad Workers

  1. Paula, you may already know about this, but the Barriger Collection at the St. Louis Mercantile Library is an amazing resource for anyone interested railway history or has ancestors who worked in the industry.

    “. . . the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library stands today as one of North America’s largest and finest railroad history collections.”

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