What PERSI periodicals are already digitized on Findmypast?

PERSI (PERiodical Source Index) is a wonderful topical index to articles in thousands of genealogical and historical periodicals. Most are from the U.S. and Canada, but there are some from other countries, too.  PERSI is found on Findmypast.com under the tab “Search” and then the category of “Newspapers & periodicals.” The total number of index entries is more than 2.5 million. Surnames are indexed but only if it’s the main name in an article.

A growing number of periodicals are now digitized on Findmypast. Keep checking back on the page linked below as more are constantly added. I found some that I hadn’t realized were already digitized. I need sleep but this is more important! A PERSI search is free, but a subscription to Findmypast is needed to view the digitized articles.

Click here to view the long list of periodicals already digitized.


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