Lyfmap is hitting the big time news in the StarTribune!

Lyfmap has been noticed by the media! Thank you Star Tribune and James Lileks. I especially liked the article because it was published on my birthday! Click on the StarTribune link to read what James had to say about Lyfmap.

Today is a good time to share your Twin Cities memories and photos. We have positive things to share. We need those right now. Once you are signed up you can read the genealogy blog and ask questions about how to trace your family history or what to do next if you have already started!

Need ideas of what to share? Tell the story of a house, business, or of the family that lived or worked in those places. Add photos you may have. I added a 1940 photo of all the kids in my mother’s 8th grade class at St. James school in Saint Paul.

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1 comments on “Lyfmap is hitting the big time news in the StarTribune!

  1. What a great idea! Even though I live in Illinois, I just signed up because some of my paternal ancestors lived in Minneapolis. I’ve entered one memory so far and will add more as time permits.

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