German research conference deadline and WWI enemy alien registrations

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 1 is the final registration day for the 2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference. You may register any time Saturday before registration is closed at midnight.
I am also a speaker at this conference that is taking place in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. One of my presentations at this conference is about the U. S. World War I Enemy Alien Registrations. I will present some background information on this ugly time period and how it was directed at those non-citizens of Germanic descent, tell what does still exist from all the forms that were completed, show a variety of abstracts and indexes, tell where to find some lists of those who registered (think partial substitutes), show the rise of legal cases, and inform you about one state that did registrations of all people who were not yet U.S. citizens, no matter their country of origin. All of these latter forms do exist and are housed about 30 minutes from the conference hotel!

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