Hennepin County, Minnesota ancestors? Hennepin History magazine now digitized!

From the Hennepin County Library system about a new addition to its special collections:

“76 years of the magazine “Hennepin History,” the official publication of the Hennepin History Museum, are now online in the Hennepin County Library Digital Collections. The magazine has been published continuously since 1941. Articles range in length and scope, but cover all aspects of the county’s history–from people to places, and more. The magazine is full-text searchable.

Founded in 1938 as the Hennepin County Historical Society, Hennepin History Museum is dedicated to bringing the diverse history of Hennepin County and its residents to life through exhibitions, a research library, collections, and educational programs. Its mission is to collect and preserve the history and stories of Hennepin County.”

I spent some time doing some searches in these back issues and know that I will be spending many more hours doing the same!


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1 comments on “Hennepin County, Minnesota ancestors? Hennepin History magazine now digitized!

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I found an interesting discovery. A descendant of a Norwegian-American family I’ve been researching, donated items to the Museum in 1968 and again in 1978. The items were listed in a column titled ‘Recent Accessions’. It’s an unlikely place for these items to end up, but makes sense if you think about where adult children donate family heirlooms – not where you might expect. I’ll be contacting the Museum to learn more about the donated items. Thanks Paula!

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