Big sales now for DNA Day!

DNA Day is April 25th, but the big discount sales have already begun on many tests.  Visit the websites of AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, 23 & Me, My Heritage, and Living DNA. Just type the company name into your favorite search engine.

I hope you are already monitoring at least a few of the many informational DNA blogs, websites, and the many pages on Facebook that really provide help with learning about and analyzing your DNA results.

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4 comments on “Big sales now for DNA Day!

  1. Thanks for mentioning us, Paula. Have you tried one of our tests by any chance? We’re able to offer the most detailed results in the world for DNA ethnicity testing thanks to our research partnerships, as well as detailed history about your motherline group. Would you be interested in giving one of our kits a go, to see if we can add any interesting new nuggets to your personal ancestry?

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