My summer: shuffling off to the Buffalo, New York area and Frankfort, Kentucky

I am excited to be returning to two of my favorite states this summer to teach. I might squeeze in a bit of research, but that won’t be my main aim. That main aim is to share knowledge with fellow family historians.


29 July-3 August, 2018 for shuffling near to Buffalo

I am coordinating and teaching in the “Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper” course for the 2019 edition of the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh’s on-the-road week. It’s being held, at Daemen College in  Amherst which is on the outskirts of Buffalo. You can still sign up for the course and join us in work, fun, sharing, and solving family history “brick walls.”

Never been to Buffalo? On top of furthering your knowledge, you can take some short jaunts to more places. It’s close to Niagara Falls, the main Buffalo library is great for family history research, and then you can visit two of my favorite places. Those are Cheektowaga and Tonawanda. Yes, I have been to both places and I love to say those names. I have been to both the Canadian and U.S. sides of the falls. Never been to Canada? It’s so close, bring your passport, and make a quick trip to add another country to your list.

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August 4, Kentucky Genealogical Seminar

It’s been a bunch of years since I have been back to Kentucky. That’s a shame for someone who is a Kentucky Colonel and whose children have deep roots in the state.  Green County and the surrounding area is home to centuries of their Warren and related families. Yes, I have researched in the county.

I will be doing four presentations that Saturday for the Kentucky Genealogical Society.

  • Finding Ancestral Places of Origin:
    Research strategies for finding ancestors and birthplaces
  • Newspaper Research: The Dailies, Weeklies, and Beyond
    Finding them in both logical and unexpected repositories and using them to learn about your ancestors. Specialty, ethnic, religious and other newspapers are too often neglected.
  • The Farmer in the Dell – and in Many U.S. Records
    Exploring the extensive records and places for learning more about ancestral farmers and farms
  • Major Midwestern Archives and Their Records
    Highlighting major Midwestern archives and their holdings, finding aids, websites, special indexes, and available assistance for those not visiting in  person.

Register for the KGS seminar now. In addition to the presentation, there are door prizes, including five (5!) DNA test kits.


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  1. Forget Buffalo wings and the Anchor Bar, you want beef on weck when you visit Buffalo. Anchor Bar was a hole in the wall place when I was in college. Some of my classmates were in the taste testing group when they were developing Buffalo wings. I never cared for wings but beef on weck is to die for. I get it everytime I’m back home. I wish I was going to be there when you are, I’d take you out for beef on weck.

    (We met a few times many years ago, Beth Stahr was my BFF).

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