Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy: Native American course and more!

The 2019 edition of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is all planned and registration opens on July 7th! Finally we have a great Native American course led by Rick Fogarty, who is  a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Whether you are seeking general knowledge, tribal enrollment, or assisting others in this, you will love this course as it sets you in the right direction.

This year I am privileged to be one of the experienced instructors in this Native American course. I began doing Native American research about 30 years ago for some individual families. Since that time I have also done intensive research and consultations for law firms and several tribes across the U.S.  I have provided court testimony on enrollment issues, consulted on TV shows, developed enrollment forms for a tribe, evaluated enrollment applications, assisted with BIA tribal recognition, and have spent many months researching in Bureau of Indian Affairs and other records at the National Archives in Washington, DC, College Park, Maryland, and other NARA locations. This research has also taken me to courthouses, state archives, state historical societies, the Family History Library, and other places that hold original records related to Native Americans. I have written and taught about Native American research so my knowledge can be shared. My knowledge and experience enabled me to prove that a woman usually deemed as non-Native was truly a member of a tribe where she was born.  I started a tribal archive and library for one tribe so that more research could be done on the reservation.

To see the full schedule for the week visit and scroll down to Ethnic Research, Course 8. Check out the Registration tab, too. Set up your details early so you will be ready on July 7th and won’t miss getting in to this course.


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1 comments on “Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy: Native American course and more!

  1. Wonderful that this course is being offered! It’s great that Native American history and genealogy is being re-claimed and honored as they are the “true” Americans! Many years ago, I stopped at the OK Historical Society which has a wealth of Native American records. Fantastic resource!

    I recall hearing on some genealogy-related show several years ago that DNA analysis may one day be able to actually identify individual tribes of origin. Very interesting!

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