A quality new Facebook group: The Genealogy Squad

What could go right with a Facebook help page that is headed by Blaine Bettinger, Cyndi Ingle, George Morgan, and Drew Smith? Easy answer: EVERYTHING.

The stated mission is “The mission of the Genealogy Squad Facebook group is to provide a positive space for the sharing of appropriate and reliable methods and resources to assist genealogists at all levels. We focus on answering questions and solving problems, while demonstrating best practices in all aspects of genealogical research.”

It is a closed and moderated group so that keeps out the spammers complainers, belly-achers, and to gently correct misinformation. To join in on the activity, you must respond to two simple questions. It’s a perfect place to ask questions, get great answers, and to share what you know. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/genealogysquad/

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