is 24 years old!

March 4th marks the birthday of Cyndi’s List. It’s 24 years old! I hope you have been using it for your family history research. New to you? It is a FREE categorized and cross-referenced list of more than 337,000 links for genealogical research. Visit the Categories page and browse to find the links arranged by localities, ethnic groups, occupations, religions, record types, methodology and more.

It’s constantly added to, old website links changed, and categories added, and, and, and! It’s a one-woman operation accomplished by Cyndi Ingle. You can submit new links and tell her about broken links via the website. After all, she can’t check each link every day. Join the CyndisList page on Facebook, too!

(Cyndi’s List is a full time job for her and is maintained on advertisements and donations:

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