June 2, 2007 till now. That’s a lot of genealogy blogging for me!

2007 seems so long ago. Both of my parents were still alive. I lived in Saint Paul. Many changes have taken place in life and my residence since then. Yes, I am still in Minnesota. I’ve been busy with my genealogy business of research for clients, consultations to get clients going, and lecturing all across the U.S. 2020 has seen no travel since January but many virtual presentations. I am not a daily nor a weekly blogger. At times, the client work and prepping for presentations take precedence. After all, that’s what pays the bills. Then there are days when time with all my descendants and other extended family take precedence. I kinda like all of them!

For more than the last two years, I have been involved in a research case involving 20th and 21st century work. With some assistance from a subcontractor, thousands of descendants of early 1920s U.S. residents have been identified. No DNA, no contacting individuals to ask questions, just thorough research. Prior to that and since that time, I have done extensive research involving Native American tribes.

After my teaching online in July for six days for the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, I plan to blog a bit more regularly. I plan to discuss more about wonderful Minnesota records for historical and genealogical research. Then I plan to do more on Native American research topics.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading since 2007 or whenever you started!

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8 comments on “June 2, 2007 till now. That’s a lot of genealogy blogging for me!

  1. Congratulations. I still remember my first SLIG week and attending your section. You have a spark about you that echos enthusiasm for your students. I love getting your posts from your blog. May you continue to share that spirit for many years to come. Susan

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