My updated Genealogy Speaking Calendar for 2022-2023

A couple days ago, someone asked why one of my upcoming webinars wasn’t on my speaking calendar and she wondered if I was still going to be doing it. I gave her a two-part response. 

  1. I was still scheduled to be doing that webinar.
  2. My general info that I send to organizations when they contact me about speaking says that neither of us will publicize an event until we have a contract signed by both sides. Now that two more organizations and I have signed my contracts, I can share that info. 

I just finished updating my speaking calendar for 2022 into 2023. All presentations are still being done virtually which means that most organizations offer it live to many who are not members of their organization. That is a benefit to us who continue our genealogical and historical education. I hope those who attend will seriously consider joining that organization or renewing their membership. At least send a donation to show your appreciation. That goes for organizations for which other speakers present, too. 

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