A researcher’s commentary on the value of librarians and archivists!

An 8 June newspaper article in the StarTribune that has a connection to my 9 June post seems appropriate to share. It’s not from a genealogist, but David R. Smith, the author, did research that resembles what we do. Once again, it shows the connection with history and genealogy. 

His commentary “In Praise of Librarians and Archivists” tells about his research journey and the assistance he received along the way. What would we do if the librarians, archivists, and other repository staff wasn’t there to assist us!

After you read his commentary, be sure to read the comments. I had many thoughts I wanted to share but stopped myself before I posted some strong words. He just educated people on the value and some truly don’t get it! We have fellow genealogists who don’t get it either. Copyright, costs and time to digitize, and the vastness of the material in libraries, historical societies, and archives makes the librarians and archivists invaluable. Added to that is the knowledge and experience they possess!


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4 comments on “A researcher’s commentary on the value of librarians and archivists!

  1. Looking forward to your comments. Lost access to the article and now they want a subscription.

  2. Taking notes for one of my brick wall problems. He is completely on point with the great records access for very low or no cost assistance. Thank you for sharing the article.

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