The Genealogy Squad on Facebook now has 50,000 members! A milestone, for sure!

I have been a member of The Genealogy Squad on Facebook since its inception and now one of 50,000 members. WOW!

This alone is worth joining Facebook. It’s one of those groups that keeps people on task, polite, and helpful. No complaining about the census enumerator, genealogy website, grumpy courthouse clerk, or another family history researcher. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to posts in some other groups. I know the administrators of the Squad and heartily endorse their judgment, caring, sharing, and all this shines through in that amazing number. It’s all free. As if that’s not enough reason to join, it’s an international group. One more reason is the education we all absorb. 

You request to join, answer some basic questions, agree to their guidelines, and then you are in. Use the magnifying glass icon to search by topics for past posts, check under each of the informational tabs, and post your own questions or help someone else. Remember to tell what country, province, state, county or other jurisdiction as research is different in each place. Provide dates, names, and places so that the administrators or other members are able to give you pertinent tips. 

Just join The Genealogy Squad!  You will thank me.


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