1 more Native American research free webinar for this November

I’ve been working this week on new things for my next Native American research webinar for this National Native American Heritage month. The fun part of creating a new PowerPoint is finding the coolest examples. It also includes some basics that apply no matter the tribe. This last free 2022 webinar on Native American research is Monday, evening, November 21, from 7-8:00 p.m CST from the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library. Registration is open until 7 pm CST, Sunday, and there are still some seats open in this Zoom presentation that includes a handout. 

To register: https://kckpl.librarymarket.com/native-american-ancestors




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2 comments on “1 more Native American research free webinar for this November

  1. If you offer another of these Native American workshops please let me know – patricia@lulupokinghorn.com. I am looking for information on my grandfather who ran away from a reservation at about 12. went to school and supposedly became superintendent of schools, then farmer, bank owner, FDR’s secretary treasurer after the war giving out loans. His son runs away to the reservation in a complete break with the family and becomes a horse nutritionist and later horse trainer etc in San Francsico after the war.I can’t find the father or the son in records and I understand why but I agree with you – there are not many brick walls. It all looks to be mankato, faribault related .He appears to have left this all behind an announced himself as English Canadian.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Unfortunately, I do not keep a separate list of which individuals wish to be notified of specific presentations. However, I do have a listing of upcoming presentations under the Speaking tab at the top of this website. “Paula’s Upcoming Presentations” is kept current. Check that every so often to see if Native American topics have been added.

      Thank you for your interest!

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