Holiday gift ideas for family historians and others, including you!

I was thChristmas, Presents, Gifts, Holidayinking about Christmas or Hanukkah gift ideas for family historians. What a change from even two to three decades ago. A box of blank CDs, a roll of film for a camera, or a few blank cassette tapes were great gifts. A paper gift certificate for membership in a genealogical or historical society was nice.

Do you have a family member, friend, or neighbor who might be convinced to work on family history? How about a fellow genealogist who did you a favor? December is a big gift buying time for several holidays. You could print this list and any additions you have and leave it where family members can see it! How nice to receive some f these yourself.

I have a” short” list of 2022 gift ideas. No, I did not check any of other such lists that have appeared online. These are my own ideas.

  1. Gift certificate for new membership or renewal in a genealogical or historical society. Go online to see what is offered for providing gift memberships.
  2. New high-end surge protector power strips. These need to be replaced about every two years or if a power surge or lightning strike has occurred.
  3. Gift card for an office supply store.
  4. Pack of quality pens for taking notes. My latest favorite is the Pilot Precise V7 RT fine point.
  5. Check to see if the person has an online wish list such as those on Amazon.
  6. Gift card for a local bookstore that has history and genealogy materials. None nearby? Everyone needs some kind of book to read for relaxation so a gift card would still be helpful.
  7. Has your pet owner person expressed a wish to go on a genealogy research trip? How about a gift certificate for a week’s worth of pet sitting or watching their home?
  8. Genealogy education never stops. How about paying for a seminar, conference, or institute attendance or a portion of this? I’m a bit partial to the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Even more partial to the Digging Deeper: Records, Tools, and Skills course or the Great Lakes course. Both are offered online in June 2023.
  9. A couple packages of multi-color file folders.
  10. A box of archival quality file folders. 
  11. Quality chocolate, cookies, or brownies for when any day is rough. Even the already entrenched genealogist has rough and frustrating research days.
  12. Ear buds for listening to music or podcasts.
  13. Gift membership to Ancestry, MyHeritage, Newspapers dot com, Fold3, or another genealogy website. Maybe to Legacy Family Tree Webinars to view almost 2000 genealogy webinars. My affiliate link is
  14. Larger monitor for easier online reading.
  15. Ergonomic mouse, office chair, or a foot support for short legs.
  16. Fully designed large home office and library. Right?
  17. Do you live in an older neighborhood? Give the neighbor a short history of the city, neighborhood, or of their house. 
  18. Gift a family member a passed-down Christmas tree ornament, menorah, old family photo(s), or other item. Accompany it with a story about the item and associated people. 
  19. Write a story about Great Grandpa’s life. 
  20. Transcribe some old letters to share.
  21. Do some research for that person and provide them with a short report along with copies of records they haven’t seen. Seeing themselves on the 1950 U.S. census, their father on a WW II draft card, grandmother on the 1900 census, grandparents’ marriage, or other record often brings tears.
  22. Gift certificate for a photo reproduction service or to digitize old movies or slides. It’s one way to get them started if they won’t share and maybe feel a bit guilty about not sharing.

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