MyHeritage adds 1.7 million records for Israel

This past week, MyHeritage published a big new collection that will help researchers with connections to Israel. It covers immigration to Israel form 1910 forward totaling 1.7 million records. Don’t read Hebrew? You are in luck with name translation. 

Read more details on the MyHeritage Blog and website.

From MyHeritage:

“This collection is one of the most comprehensive sources available for genealogy in Israel. It contains lists of immigrants to Israel from 1919 onwards, transcribed by MyHeritage from images stored at the Israel Archive. Most of the content is in Hebrew, but thanks to MyHeritage’s Global Name Translation Technology™ it can be searched in English and other languages. The index contains the name of the immigrant, birth year, age, former residence, immigration date and place, the ship, and relatives.

The collection was created from books that contain lists of names of immigrants (mostly in Hebrew), arranged in chronological order according to the date of arrival to Israel. The books also list passengers who arrived as tourists, or were Israeli residents returning to Israel from a trip abroad. Some of the immigrants who traveled to Israel in later years arrived by air and not in ships. The images may include additional information that is not found in the index, such as occupation.”



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