Genealogical education is multi-faceted. A webinar recommendation.

Expanding our historical and genealogical knowledge and expertise is important. We never know when we need to know more about laws, land records, railroad records, a particular state or country, or an ethnic group. Many webinars and seminars fit the bill for learning more and most without even having to wear shoes!

Legacy Family Tree Webinars that I have blogged about several times is one place to view many webinars. Yesterday, I registered for “Gradual Emancipation and Enslavement in the North” presented by Ari Wilkins. It was an historical eyeopener for me. I am a member of Legacy webinars so I also get access to the syllabus. Ari did an excellent job of detailing the laws and workarounds that kept some enslaved people in the Northeast part of the U.S. in that same awful situation for many years. The phenomenal records she shared showed many names, ages, and relationships of those who were enslaved in those states.

Ari’s webinar is free to watch through next Thursday. After that, you will need to be a Legacy member to view it. This is my affiliate membership link which helps keep this blog afloat if you decide to become a Legacy Family Tree Webinars member. Look at what you will have access to! 





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