Emerging from a quiet genealogy blog time

Yes, I have been quiet on my blog. Yesterday, 7 January 2024, our family finally had our Christmas, not just for 2023, but for 2020, 2021, and 2022, too! Pandemic and family illnesses cancelled previous years. Some of us did get together in smaller groups.

My oldest son and family, my daughter and family, my bonus granddaughter, and my bonus son were finally all in the same place at the same time. I do have one more son, but he has chosen to stay away from the family for many years. We have learned to not let that rule our get togethers. Fingers crossed he’ll show up one day in the future.

First, we all went to the 9-year-old’s hockey in Princeton, Minnesota and saw him score a goal! He is on a traveling hockey team out of Saint Cloud. Then we met for a late lunch, gifts, and games at a local restaurant. One of the best days ever as we shared hugs, stories, kidding each other, lots of laughter, and sharing some memories.

Between genealogy client research and consulting work, getting ready for my 2024 upcoming presentations, and my renewal project for my Certified Genealogist® credential, it’s been a wild last few months. I made my deadline for turning in my renewal work for judging with four hours to spare.

My 2024 speaking calendar has been updated and there are still some open dates. Let me know if your organization is seeking a webinar or seminar speaker and I will provide details


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