GRIP 2024 “Digging Deeper” Friday Sessions and Reasons to Register

Only 3 more days till registration opens for the virtual Digging Deeper: Records, Tools, and Skills course and the other 19 courses of GRIP Genealogy Institute for 2024. June and July will be busy education months. I’ve already blogged about the Monday through Friday sessions in Digging Deeper, and the Friday sessions are below. Still trying to decide which course to take? Here are some evaluation comments from Digging Deeper students from the past few years.

  • “I liked the group project and helping others with their brick walls”
  • “The instructors were brilliant and so very helpful” Paula: How can you go wrong with Amy, Cari, Cyndi, Debbie, and me?*
  • “Syllabus is a great reference for future research”
  • “Structure, schedule, and topics were awesome”

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To learn more about the wonderful other instructors

Friday is a partial day of learning. Then we all can take a nap if need be or spend the rest of the day checking for all the tips, records, links, and books we learned about.

Post Military Service: Often Overlooked 19th & 20th Century Records  (Paula Stuart-Warren)
Bonus payments, organizations of comrades, discharge records, state level records, adjutant general records, correspondences, relief records, Congressional records, and other important items may add significant details and understanding to the basic military information for our ancestors. Membership organizations of post-military service personnel and descendants provide personal details, support for the veteran and families, and some surprising records.

Student Group Project Reporting and Analysis  (Paula Stuart-Warren)
During this session, the small groups formed on Monday do a last-minute discussion of their project. Then we will go into full-class session to report, discuss, and do final analysis and future planning on the homework project. As noted for the Monday morning sessions, the result: a solid research plan, learning from each group’s reported outcome, recognition of the value of discussion with other genealogists, and the sharing of knowledge to help attain the sought-after research goals.

Course Wrap-up, Questions

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