U.S. National Library Week April 7-13, 2024

The library of my childhood was a wondrous place. I would walk or bike to our branch of the Saint Paul Public Library system. Free books to occupy my time. I don’t recall my parents having library cards or taking me to a library. I craved books and both of my grandmothers contributed to that love. Did I discover the public library on my own? Later, I would take the bus downtown to the main library and roam the various levels and the reference area. I still look at the building as a special place and it’s still a wonderful library.

This is National Library week here in the U.S. Will you visit a library? Will you investigate the website of your city or county library? Will you do the same for a history, genealogical, archival, or university library?

Where would we be without all the librarians and related staff and volunteers that have assisted us over the years? Their brains are full of education, experience, knowledge, details, links, and I think many know more than a card or computer catalog!

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1 comments on “U.S. National Library Week April 7-13, 2024

  1. Hi, Paula! Loved your story about your library experience in childhood! Our local library was only about two blocks from our house! A beautiful historic building right on Main Street, a truly magical place & a cherished memory! Books were always plentiful in our house. My father’s pride & joy was his decades-long collection of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books! ♥️

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