A county clerk’s ‘Genealogy Corner’ gets national recognition

If you have heard me at seminars, you know that I often say things similar to “these records are so good because I don’t have family in that locality” or in that particular set of records.

I have several localities where I wish my family had settled just because of the great information online from the county or city. A few of these are:

Then my news feed delivered news of another county with a great genealogy service and that has received a national honor from government colleagues. The Collin County [Texas] Clerk and staff have been “awarded the 2014 Best Practices Award from the National Association of County Recorders, Elections Officials and Clerks (NACRC).”  Just two of the online databases for this county are:

  •  Marriage indexes, dating back to 1864
  •  Birth indexes, dating back to 1903 with some delayed birth records from the 1800

Read the full article from the McKinney Courier Gazetter by clicking here. To access the county’s Genealogy Corner click here.

You may have already guessed that I have no ancestral connections to Collin County, Texas! Dangitall.

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