Umlauts matter in genealogy and in Lindström, Minnesota

Umlaut: a mark placed over the top of a vowel to indicate a specific pronunciation.

I see the use of umlauts in my Swedish and German research. Minnesota Department of Transportation sign rules meant the lack of the umlaut over the “o” for a sign in the town of Lindström, Minnesota. This caused a furor in the town and apparently across the country as the story spread in the media.

The umlauts are back on the Lindström highway sign due to Governor Mark Dayton issuing an executive order. Apparently he knows his pronunciation nuances.

MinnPost had this headline and story: “Lindström, Minnesota: More than just a pair of dots” You will love the coffee pot picture in this article. The town is really neat. I turn at the coffee pot to drive a bit more north to visit my sister and brother-in-law.

BringMeTheNews had this headline and story: “Roll out the umlaut: Dayton orders MnDOT to re-dot Lindström”

Our family has several other connections to Lindström. My mother-in-law’s first cousin, Father Frank Fee, was a pastor of St. Bridget of Sweden Catholic Church there. He was an Irish priest!

My first cousin, twice removed, A. F. (Albert Flavius) Oberg was a mayor of Lindström. That part of the family was Swedish Methodist.







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One thought on “Umlauts matter in genealogy and in Lindström, Minnesota

  1. He Cuz,
    Glad they are getting the umlauts taken care of…but in Swedish this is really NOT an umlaut. Now for those other Nordic characters, and I am not speaking of myself!

    The difference between the Danish/Norwegian and the Swedish alphabet is that Danish/Norwegian uses the variant Æ instead of Ä, and the variant Ø instead of Ö. Also, the collating order for these three letters is different: Æ, Ø, Å.

    I do know that using Nordic or German keyboards is very confusing!!


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