I can see future genealogists assuming there is an error

An error in what? How about a elected town mayor that is only 3 years old. I figure that 75 years from now, some family historian or someone writing history of the town will assume that the official records are in error. There couldn’t be a 3 year old mayor. He must have been 33 or 43 and someone made a mistake in the records. As good family historians, we learn never to assume.

The northern town of Dorset, Minnesota in Hubbard County has elected a young man of only 3 years old as its new mayor. James Tufts has replaced a 16 year old as mayor. James’ brother Bobby was a former mayor. James is 2 days younger than Bobby was when elected. That means James is the youngest mayor ever in the state of Minnesota.

It’s not a spoof. But it is a different type of election in this town of 25 people.  Read the full story here and remember to never assume a record is complete or correct. Back up the research with other information.



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