Laura Prescott’s Big Move Back Home Needs Assistance

My fellow genealogists are a caring and sharing bunch. Laura Prescott is one of those people who never asks for help. She has been amazingly strong throughout her cancer battle. She can make me smile, laugh, and cry at the same time as I admire her. One of my favorite stories about her is from a genealogy conference. It was GenTech in Boston, January 2002. We arrived at the conference as attendees not as speakers. Neither my husband or I had remembered to register! Laura went home that night and made us nice typed name tags so it wouldn’t look like we just registered. That’s Laura’s warm heart.

One of her Utah friends, Liz Bell, writes this on Gofundme:

“My dear friend, Laura Prescott, is battling cancer and has recently made the decision to move back home to be closer to family.   She will be making the move from Utah to New Hampshire on September 16th.  Hiring a moving company is quite costly and those of you close to Laura know that she is a VERY independent individual who finds it difficult to accept any type of help.  Many of her friends have asked if there is a way to  help Laura in this transition.  I have setup this Go Fund Me account to help with her move.  I am hoping that this campaign will raise enough money to help ease at least one of her burdens.

She has loved Utah but being with family will be even better. I love her smile and the cute hat in the picture on the Gofundme page. Click here to view that and to donate. She deserves to be with her family.

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