BIG sales on genealogy software, subscriptions, and DNA tests.

If I shared all the press release emails and social media notices I have received in the last few days, I would be posting for several days. If you aren’t on social media such as Facebook, you are missing announcements of sales of genealogical software, subscriptions, and DNA tests galore. BIG sales. Some are ending this weekend or on Monday, the 26th. Go check all the company websites and see which offers suit  you and your budget. The DNA sales are especially great.

Hint: What wonderful gifts for all the upcoming holidays and family events!



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2 comments on “BIG sales on genealogy software, subscriptions, and DNA tests.

  1. Dear Paula, I really appreciate the specialized information you presented on Researching Railroad Information. My father was a Telegraph Operator for the ICRR. I missed your opening slide because all I could get was audio at first. Darn it.
    I have his Seniority Rosters from 1946 to 1980s. I have them posted on Jim Sponholz rootsfreeweb site.
    If you would like further information on ICRR please email me and I will send you the links. Again, thank you for your valuable information on Railroads. You can Google: ICRR Seniority Rosters and they will show up also.
    Thank you, Nancy (both parents and my maternal grandfather were “railroaders”.)

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