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It’s time to think about taking a Genealogy Cruise in 2008. I highly recommend one that takes place October 25-November 1, 2008 (I am one of the speakers). Hosted by Fly Away Travel, this cruise is on the brand new Liberty of the Seas ship, owned by Royal Caribbean International. I was pleased to see an article about the Liberty of the Seas in the September/October issue of AAA Living Magazine.
You can read this article online at the AAA website.

This seven night cruise with well-known genealogy speakers is the perfect blend of relaxation and learning. I was a part of another genealogy cruise a couple of years ago and the experience was better than terrific. Cruises often offer lectures, workshops, and other great activities. cThis Genealogy “Seminar at Sea” is a special segment of a regular cruise. To attend the genealogy sessions, you must book your cruise through Fly Away Travel. As a passenger, you will be able to partake of all activities on the cruise. (And, of course, the wonderful food.) Do you have a spouse, friend, sibling, child, or significant other who cannot understand how you can spend an entire day at a genealogy seminar or in a library? This is the perfect way to attend a seminar and still spend time with them. They will be so busy and pampered that they won’t even care when you attend a session.

The cruise departs from Miami on October 28th, 2008, and returns to Miami on November 2nd. This cruise has an itinerary that includes stops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Labadee, Haiti (Royal Caribbean’s private island). The genealogy sessions are offered on the three days at sea so that you may enjoy the shore days with no conflicting events. We get to spend the week on a new, up-to-date, and clean ship. Amenities aboard the Liberty of the Seas include a water park, fitness center, live music, rock climbing wall, dancing, shops, casino, spectacular views, many restaurants, 24 hour room service, and a mini-golf course. Or, you may just find yourself a deck chair and relax. You might consider bringing along a costume for Halloween – but it is not a requirement. I saw some pictures of the costumed genealogists and speakers from the 2006 cruise.

The lineup of speakers is just one of the treats for this cruise. John Colletta, Stephen Danko, Michael J. Leclerc, Paul Milner, George Morgan, Donna Moughty, Laura Prescott, and Paula Stuart-Warren. The list of their topics is online and the areas of expertise of this impressive group and their lectures cover just about all areas of genealogy. Handouts for the sessions are included in the price. When not teaching, my plans include sunshine, massage, spending some money in the shops and on land, taking some tours, playing mini-golf, and karaoke (some of my colleagues have already told me I WILL participate — oh, are they in for a surprise and a headache when they hear my voice.)

Need a roommate? If you are seeking someone to share your cabin, let FLY AWAY TRAVEL know — they may have the name of someone else looking for a roommate. Talk to fellow members of your genealogical society and convince them they need to register for this week — and don’t forget to mention that you are looking for a roommate to share the expenses! I look forward to seeing some “old” friends and meeting new friends on the genealogy part of the cruise. There are still cabins left so reserve your spot now before they are gone. For more info: Genealogy Cruise http://www.genealogycruises.com/
Travel Agency http://www.flyawaytravel.com/
Royal Carribean http://www.royalcaribbean.com/

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