Advent Calendar: Visit the historical society for Christmas gifts

Your Christmas gift to a relative or friend could be historical in nature. Do you remember the last time you visited the county or state historical society’s gift shop? I love to browse in these. It might be the perfect place to purchase some of your Christmas gifts as I have done.

Many of these shops give discounts to members of the historical society. Maps, calendars, notecards, photographs, artwork, sculptures, jewelry, glassware, clocks, music, quilts, samplers, cookbooks, and foods made in the area. 

Much of these will have historical connections, some will be created or written by local artists and authors. Books on the history of baseball, county and state fairs, historic homes, inventions, and famous individuals born in the state are big sellers. A book or pamphlet might tell the story of a specific ethnic group or religion in the state. Key chains, ornaments, and knick-knacks that portray something related to the history of the county or the state make good stocking stuffers

For children, it might be a coloring book, paper dolls, or an activity book that is history related. Many of these gift shops have reproductions of old fashioned toys and dolls.

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